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It’s always exciting to wear your own design,right? ^.^

This is my own design when I did a test to become a fashion designer at Rabbani, a Muslim Fashion Company in Indonesia. Inspired by the form of the hoodie, I combine the function of the hoodie with hijab. I just think that I can cover my head and to feel warm at the same time. It’s not mass produced, this is a limited edition. :D

huhu..It feels warm to wear it, and I am so happy when I know that I can make this design wearable……XD

It’s always a pleasant to wear your own design, right?

yeah, that’s a lil’ bit story about my job


  1. meongmengeong said: lucu yu!
  2. adrianelinerush said: ihiyyy keren yuuu <3
  3. thehadiya said: This is a very interesting design! I like it! :D
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